Oh hi, I’m Dr. Anne!

and It’s my honor to help you create the right care environment for you and your family

You are beginning (or maybe knee-deep) in the journey of caring for a family member living with dementia. You likely realize that the diagnosis affects ALL of you – the entire family and I’ll bet, you are the one taking care of each aspect of your family. The journey will have its ups and downs – I know, I’ve been there. I assisted my Mom on her path with dementia when I had 3 kids at home, a husband, and a full-time, intense career. What was my saving grace? I had witnessed (and joined together with) many families that had taken the path with connection and calm. So I knew it could be done!

Let me show you how they did it!   

One thing they did is come to me for information on dementia. I have the medical knowledge about dementia. I am a Professor of Medicine, have written over 100 research papers, taught countless medical students, residents and fellows in geriatric and palliative care medicine, written a book for the lay public on dementia issues. I have practiced medicine for 34 years and my passion is dementia care. I helped them and I can help you.

They focused on their goals of care. They sifted and sorted through choices. They explored choices with me, so that they could decide on a care path that fit their family. As a geriatrician (and therefore a holistic generalist), I could help them with the medical, social, psychological, spiritual, and family issues that occur in this complex disease

And that’s exactly what this website and the programs are all about.

The material shared on this site will teach you about dementia and the state of current research (Dementia 101). It will explore best practices for what keeps brains healthy so that you can incorporate that into life for your entire family (Brain Health). We’ll explore strategies that improve the connection with persons living with dementia and how to extend that connection to you and your extended family (Purpose/Activities). Finally, stories of others successes or turnarounds will be presented so that we can all be inspired or guided by those that are living well with dementia (Inspiration). The journey with dementia is often bittersweet. But, there is so much potential for the sweet. It doesn’t get much press. But, I can say that the strength and growth that occurred for me, joining together with my mother in her journey with dementia, has expanded and enriched my life more than I thought possible. I know it can be as transformational for you. Please let me join you. Hand-in-hand. Together in Dementia.